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About Us

We make our customers happy.

Autumn Technologies is located in Myanamr(Burma). Our teams are run by local technical leaders with multiple years of experience managing global software development operations on-premise, SaaS and Cloud platforms.

Our technical leaders bring strong communication and collaboration skills that ensure smooth and efficient interaction to customers.

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School Information System(SIS)

School Information System(SIS) is a software application for education institution to manage student data. It provides capabilities for entering student test and other assessment scores, build student schedules, track student attendance, and manage many other student-related data needed in a school. Its report tools offer various student information to related parties(parent, teacher, school admin and student).

Learning Management System(LMS)

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documenttation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs. LMS range from systems for managing training and educational records to software for distributing online or blended/hybrid college courses over the Internet with features for online collaboration. Colleges and universities use LMSs to deliver online courses and augment on-campus courses. Corporate training departments use LMSs to deliver online training, as well as to automate record-keeping and employee registration.

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

We launch ERP Software Solutions to help businesses of all sizes make smart decisions in finding ERP solutions.Some of ERP solution packages are Customer Relationship Management(CRM), Manufacturing, Accounting, Human Resource Management (HR), Warehouse Management, Purchase and Fleet. We offer individual to integrated customised packages to our clients according to their requirement.


Conquer your market with open platform Android and our extremely creative developers. We will make your app look and feel like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Apple iOS

Autumn Technologies designs and develops high-quality iPhone and iPad applications for companies. Our native iOS developers leverage our iterative, agile process that ensures you receive a quality iOS app every week.

Web Development

We can help you...

  1. Design a new website or redesign your current site
  2. Maintain and keep your website up to date
  3. Relieve you of the time you spend working on your website
  4. Assist you in completing a website
  5. Set up new web pages
  6. Responsive design (compatible with mobile and tablets)
  7. Assist you with your domain name registration and hosting
  8. Promote your business through social media and blogs